About me

I've been creating under the nickname Jackob for 7 years.

I made the very first statue from electrical components more than ten years ago. For me, creation was a form of release and creative activity began to fulfill me. The number of products increased and over time it became clear that there was an interest in them. A hobby slowly started to become a huge mania for me. I love what I do because there is a piece of me in it, and each figurine is unique. I now know that we only have one life and it's amazing when you do what you love.


How is the creation going?

It wasn't until three years ago that I thought of using recycled car parts and small scrap.

I buy the parts directly at the scrapyard and try to breathe new life into unnecessary waste. They come, for example, from the engines of parked cars and motorcycles, gearboxes, chains, screws and nuts, but also from old cutlery, for example. Some figurines are inspired by well-known characters from fantasy and sci-fi films, fairy tales, comics, or models of cars and motorcycles, while others are created according to my own imagination. The heads of some of the statuettes are made using the casting technique from self-made molds.

Almost finished figurines are still painted with clear varnish or resin to prevent further damage to the model or corrosion.

Sometimes a colored layer is also used to complement the character of the statuette, but mostly colorless varnish is used so that the features and origin of the statues do not disappear.

How long does it take and what do you make?

The production of smaller statues up to 40 cm takes about a day of work. I spend 3-10 days, sometimes more, on larger sculptures. It always depends on the idea or the order.

I produce: figurines, replicas, grills, advertisements, furniture, interior and exterior decorations.

Can I design and order a statue?

Yes! They are suitable as a non-traditional unique gift, or for companies as original advertising or decoration. I also auction and sell already made figurines. You can see my results by clicking on the icon here social networks: