Year 2016

the first exhibition of 5 larger sculptures in the Lapidarium of the National

Museum in Prague.

Year 2017

exhibition gallery in Europe and gallery of steel mannequins (statues are also sold here in 3 countries: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic).

Year 2018

the start of the production of advanced replicas, the basic automation of sculptures and the expansion of the product range with design accessories

Rental of statues abroad.

Year 2019

the start of cooperation with the sponsor Narex and the implementation of commissioned projects for well-known personalities in the form of absolute exclusivity. Interior equipment of the VIP section for Arena Pilsen in Pilsen.

Year 2020

interview for TV station Prima

COOL, article in Svet magazine

Today- Recycled design that captivates. Adolfeen video series

Roxtar. Charity collection Co-worker.

The year 2021

exclusive production of main entrance reception and exterior banner image for Aliens vs Predators

Experience Museum in Kutná Hora.

Exclusive corporate projects, e.g.

Recycling, AZ scaffolding, Strana, etc.

The vear 2022

expansion of cooperation with Narex. Beginning of cooperation with the company ALFA IN. Total reach on all social networks 8 million users per year. Creation of a unique music section for Kvantarion's biggest sci-fi and VR park (guitar, drums and piano). Lion statue Donovaly

SK. Statue for Czech Virus character.

The year 2023

In conclusion, I would like to say that my customers who own larger sculptures display them in any cultural areas of their choice.