Sculptures fulfill our desire for beauty, the desire to experience a positive emotion, the desire to find harmony and be happy.

Sculptures create an atmosphere or can be a memory. A living space that lacks the beauty of fine art is a space that lacks soul.

Why do you want a statue from me?

Because I love what I do, because there is a piece of me in my work and each figurine is unique.

This is a very personal gift made to measure for your loved ones or for you.

How to use statues for business?

The sculpture attracts more attention than any advertising banner.

Its flamboyance and unique processing will ensure that your company will be talked about.

Why buy a statue? > Business

How to ensure that your company is talked about without additional costs?

Get a unique handmade custom statue that will make your business known.

People will take

pictures with it and tag your business on social media.

This will increase your brand awareness and reach not only on social networks.

At the same time, you will create an impression of pomp and show the stability and prosperity of your company.

The statue will be created exclusively and custom for your brand.

As I produce detailed sculptures also according to photographs, see my portfolio, the creation of lengthy and overpriced

designs is eliminated, thereby reducing costs and speeding up production.

The production itself increases awareness of your brand as it is streamed live.

The consultation on the creation of the order entered by you takes place by telephone and then in person (e.g. in the case of the need for orientation).

In order to achieve exclusivity and the highest level of quality, I accept a limited number of orders per year.

The price of each order is individual according to location, sophistication and size.

It is up to you whether you want to impress with a statue, reception, sculpture or unique art panel at the entrance to your companies.

A preview of the portfolio can be found on IG sochyzkovucz.

More information at or by calling 720074033.